Sunday, February 6, 2011

back from the dead/ first home

just because i fell like it right now, im dropping back in.

joe and i's first home. the day we moved in was the first day i saw it. going on two years now. its been pretty good to us.

jill thomas makes our home look better than it is, sign of a great photographer ( customers for life), but an old and dirty house suits an old (joe) and dirty ( me?) couple.

* buffalo was a xmas from joe to me, best.present.ever
* yes i went to cosmetology school
* no the phone does not work
* fireplace not pictured but i love that part too
* love our quite, family neighborhood
* cork board come with the house, and now i will never live without one
* open shelving, score

we will miss our old, quirky, expensive utilities house when we leave it.


  1. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY YOU BLOGGED AND I FINALLY GOT TO SEE YOUR 1st house!!!!!!!! now keep up the work! :)

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